Simulation Center

The Center consists of two operating rooms, an adult and pediatric intensive care unit, an emergency department with an ambulance and three ward environments, one of which is a maternity delivery room with associated neonatal resuscitation equipment. There is also a large dental simulation area with thirteen phantom heads.

The Center is an accredited International Training Center of the American Heart Association offering Basic Life Support (BLS) Courses for healthcare providers.

The emergency department and associated area has been carefully designed for emergency medical training. Here healthcare professionals and emergency staff can train in extrication procedures and provide ‘pre-hospital’ emergency care until the patient is handed over to the emergency room or trauma center staff.

Our Simulators

      • HPS (Human Patient Simulator)
      • METIMan
      • Pediatric HPS
      • SimMAN Essential
      • SimMOM
      • SimBABY
  1. CAE HPS

The HPS (Human Patient Simulator) has human-like physiology with exceptional lung mechanics, gas exchange, pharmacological response and the ability to interface with patient monitors.  The optional anesthesia delivery system allows the lungs to uptake or excretes anesthetic gases, and the lungs respond automatically to mechanical ventilation.


A wireless patient simulator it is built to withstand a wide variety of real-life indoor or outdoor learning environments. With automatic physiological responses, METIman’s easy to use learning features are designed for teaching basic nursing and pre-hospital skills.

With variable airway resistance, METIman offers risk-free practice of nasal and endotracheal intubation procedures and cricothyrotomy as well as defibrillation, pacing and CPR. METIman has bilateral chest movement, and responds to needle thoracentesis and chest tube placement.


The PediaSIM HPS is a child-sized simulator with the cardiovascular and respiratory features of the HPS, including true gas exchange, the ability to be connected to hospital monitors and realistic airway features and landmarks. PediaSIM HPS also operates with the easy-to-use Müse interface, which features new Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) for anesthesia, allied health, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and PALS Europe.

4. Laerdal SIMMan Essentials

Offering educators realistic and engaging scenario-based simulation to challenge and evaluate critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills, SimMan Essential provides numerous educational opportunities for its users.

The wireless configuration of SimMan Essential makes it possible to move quickly to wherever your training will be most efficient and realistic.

5. Laerdal SIMMom

SimMom is an advanced full body-birthing simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training of birth management, with both manual and automatic delivery modes.

6. Laerdal SIMBaby

SimBaby is an advanced infant patient simulator ideal for training in all aspects of infant care. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby is suitable for all types of training – from routine care to critical emergencies.

The Center has a wide range of part task trainers (adult and pediatric) including:

  • Ear Diagnostic Trainer
  • Eye Retinopathy Trainer
  • Cricothyrotomy Trainer
  • AirSim Advanced Trainer
  • AirSim Trainer (pediatric)
  • Airway Trainer (neonatal)
  • Prompt Birthing Trainer
  • Chest Tube Needle decompression
  • Catheterisation Trainer
  • Spinal Epidural Trainer
  • Nasogastric trainer
  • Central Line Man
  • Intra Osseus Trainer Full Leg
  • Intra Osseus Trainer
  • Cannulation Arm
  • Arterial Cannulation Arm
  • CPR Adult Manikin
  • CPR Infant Manikin